Golden Boy Lance LaQuay’s Stunning 1968 Chevy C10 CST

A Rowdy ’68

Sometimes someone unexpected comes into your life out of nowhere, makes your heart race, and changes you forever. We call those people ‘cops.’” —Author unknown 

There are a couple of ways to take that quote. The mind of a gearhead will instantly think of speeding tickets, equipment violations, and traffic school. As the saying goes, “You’ve gotta pay to play.” Gearhead cops, on the other hand, are an interesting bunch unto themselves, as they are no doubt caught in a never-ending conundrum of, “Do I pull that car over because it was speeding?” or “Do I pull that car over because it was speeding … and I need to know what exhaust it has?”

Lance Laquay, a retired police officer, has always had a love for fast vehicles. Among the fleet he has owned, however, none has captured his heart quite like his ’68 Chevy C10 pickup. This truck isn’t just a ride: it’s his pride, his joy, and, let’s be real—probably his favorite family member!

His passion for racing has never been a secret. Lance was determined that his latest truck build would scream “Fast and Furious” while still making Vin Diesel jealous. Pairing a boxed and reinforced frame from Finch Performance with a Magnuson-supercharged Gen IV-based 454 drivetrain with the right peripherals gave Lance a potent package that was ready to outrun and out-handle just about anything on the Truetrac track. Come on—he’s still obligated to keep things civil on the street.

With an 11.0:1 compression ratio and that Roots-style Magnuson 2650R hot rod supercharger kit set up by Diligent Speed Shop, you can bet that Lance’s engine is more pumped up than a bodybuilder on protein shakes. It must take a lot of willpower to not light up those fat 335-millimeter Michelin rear tires! A T-56 Magnum 6-speed built by LuxSpeed was bolted up behind the 454 using a McCleod clutch to transfer the power to the floater 31-spline Ford 9-inch and Detroit TrueTrac limited-slip differential.

Even with that impressive performance setup, it’s the wheels that truly make jaws drop and eyes pop at first glance. Lance went all-in with a combo of 19×11- and 20×12-inch Forgeline DE3C wheels. As you can tell, these babies aren’t just eye candy—they are the cherry on top of this Anniversary Gold and Off-White sundae as they enhance the handling and performance to another level while looking good doing it!

If you’re wondering about the awe-striking chassis, it’s equipped with the latest and greatest from Detroit Speed, as well as tubular trailing arms from Porterbuilt and AFCO Racing coilovers at each corner—not to mention 14-inch Wilwood brakes behind each wheel.

The interior is every bit as impressive as the rest of the truck with door bars tying into the chassis for added rigidity, low-back ProCar Rally bucket seats, and carbon fiber door panels. This Chevy isn’t completely devoid of convenience features as it is equipped with power windows. To tell the truth, though, they’re a bit necessary—imagine trying to roll down the passenger window while strapped into the G-Force 4-point safety harness! Just in case Lance runs out of gas and the truck is quiet enough to hear it, he has a JVC double-DIN head unit mounted in the dash for entertainment.

Since completion, weekends for Lance consist of enjoying every minute of his C10, both off and-on the track. Whether it’s driving or wrenching, the truck remains tip-top at all times and is always ready to rock. Wait, we forgot that he’s retired, so he gets to do this every day—livin’ the dream!




  • Lance LaQuay 
  • Waxahachie, TX
  • 1968 Chevy C10 CST

Chassis & Suspension 

  • Boxed and stiffened frame by Finch Performance
  • Detroit Speed X-Gen 595 front suspension clip
  • Porterbuilt trailing arms
  • AFCO Racing coilovers front and rear
  • Custom engine mounts
  • Ford 9-inch full floater rear end assembly with limited slip
  • Wilwood 14-inch 6-piston front brakes
  • Wilwood 14-inch 4-piston rear brakes
  • Wilwood brake master cylinder and proportioning valve
  • Rick’s Tanks fuel tank with dual pumps

Wheels, Tires, & Brakes 

  • 19×11 and 20×12 Forgeline DE3C Concave wheels
  • 325/30ZR19 and 335/30ZR20 Michelin Pilot Sport tires

Engine & Drivetrain 

  • 2019 GM Performance Gen IV 454 engine
  • Magnuson 2650R Hot Rod supercharger kit
  • Nick Williams 112mm throttle body
  • BP Automotive engine controller kit w/upgraded wire loom
  • Injector Dynamics ID1300 injectors
  • Wegner Automotive front drive pulley kit
  • Aeromotive Stealth Eliminator Corvette fuel system
  • Custom headers
  • Magnaflow mufflers
  • Griffin 4-core aluminum radiator
  • Tremec T-56 Magnum 6-speed manual transmission
  • McLeod RXT 1200 twin-disc clutch
  • Finch Performance short throw shifter
  • QA1 driveshaft
  • Wilwood clutch pedal

Body & Paint 

  • Matte Chevy Anniversary Gold and Off-White PPG paint
  • Custom rear spoiler
  • Relocated core support
  • Custom front inner fender wells

Interior & Stereo

  • ProCar Rally low-back bucket seats
  • Custom door bars integrated into chassis
  • Auto Meter Sport Comp gauges
  • MOMO Competition steering wheel
  • JVC double-DIN stereo head unit
  • Carbon fiber door panels and dash trim
  • Power windows
  • Finch Performance shift knob


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