Something changed at this year’s F-100 Supernationals Truck Show, held in Sevierville, Tennessee, but it was so subtle that the 5,000-plus attendees and the drivers of the more than 500 registered vehicles probably didn’t notice. 

Earlier this year, Danny Blackwell, Jeff Blackwell, and Steve Miller agreed to purchase the show from Charlie Cobble. This new management crew made small changes to put their own unique spin on the show. One notable update was the vender roll-in area. They were all moved to an area together inside the Sevierville Convention Center for a better shopping experience.

Year one for the new ownership team was a success. The subtle changes made the show better. Make plans now to attend next year’s show to see if they decide to make even more changes!

F-100 Supernationals & All-Ford Show 2023

When: September 21-23
Where: Sevierville Convention Center, Sevierville, TN
More Info: