Event Coverage | Ozark Mountain Run Ford F100 Paradise!

Never Skipped a Beat

The Ozark Mountain Run surprised us yet again for many reasons—but what’s no surprise is that this show has lasted more than 32 years now. In 2020, even with all that’s happening nationwide during these crazy times, the annual Ford run did not skip a beat. How good it was to see this gathering of steel beauties back at Spinning Wheel Inn in Branson, Missouri.

The food, vendors, games and prizes were surely a sight for eyes that had been looking for a local show. The turnout of American steel exceeded last year’s gathering by 25%. It was apparent that the American spirit is alive and well in the Midwest. The Friday night preshow gathering was tranquil as always under the streetlights of historic 76 Country Music Boulevard. As dawn broke, patrons were out with cloth in hand, shining their prize possessions as others rolled in and took what vacant spots were left.

Undoubtedly, it was nice to see what we had come to expect. Every year has something special to offer. “Ford Performance” was this year’s fortuitous theme, and the show was heavy with Fridges, Unibodies and Slicks that housed some big Ford V-8 cubic inch power. The Unibodies were a show favorite, as per usual.

The common thread that we shared with so many other patrons at this show is a passion for the classics, a passion that creates community. Seeing the community want more made me realize why this show is different—it’s not about prizes. Instead, it’s about sentiments, memories made, and remembering the people, the trucks and their stories. It’s a theme at this show every year.

As the Ozark Mountain Run came to a close, custom-made trophies were given and winners basked in their glory, but I noticed something sublime. People lingered longer than usual, proving that they wanted more. So, naturally, excitement is already spreading about next year’s show. We’ve already booked our rooms; will we see you next year?