Top 10 Trucks: C10 Fall Revival

The C10 Fall Revival was like a truck lover’s dream come true. Picture this: a peaceful spot where trucks of all kinds gathered, their engines revving in harmony with nature’s tranquility. The event felt more like a laid-back gathering of friends than a formal show. Among all the snapshots taken, there were these incredible 10 trucks that truly stood out. It was more than just trucks, it was a community, a shared passion, and a whole lot of fun under the open sky. Denton FarmPark has historical charm and added a unique touch, making this event a memory worth cherishing for every truck enthusiast who attended.

Photos By: Bobby Long

C10 Fall Revival C10 Fall Revival Custom Apache C10 Fall Revival C10 Fall Revival C10 Fall Revival C10 Fall Revival C10 Fall Revival Chevy C10

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