Lower Your 2021+ Tahoe or Yukon with a Belltech Suspension Kit

Get sports-car-like handling and performance out of your 2021+ Tahoe or Yukon 2WD/4WD. Belltech offers an extraordinary suspension upgrade that will give your vehicle the sleek appearance you want, while providing heightened control behind the wheel. The kit includes front and rear Street Performance lowering struts, which have been finely tuned for your SUV. The kit offers customizable height from 0″ to -2″ in the front and -1″ to -3.5″ in the rear, to achieve the combination that’s perfect for you.

• Street Performance front and rear lowering struts
• Lowers 0″ to -2″ in the front
• Lowers -1″ to -3.5″ in the rear
• Improves overall handling and ride quality
• Easy installation

Whether you’re ready for a complete kit, or you just need to swap out components like shocks, struts or sway bars, Belltech has the perfect solution for you. Visit BELLTECH.COM and upgrade your suspension today.