American Made Series : Road Armor Bumpers

Manufacturer Visit: Road Armor

Visiting manufacturers is one of the biggest perks of being in “the biz.” Not only do you get to see where the industry’s favorite products are made, but you also get to see stuff that’s still in the design stages and even off-limits to the public, which is pretty rad in and of itself.

During the height of this past show season, we were in Texas quite a bit covering different events throughout the state. Eventually we found ourselves in Dallas, which, not coincidentally, is home to Road Armor. Those of you who strictly dig lowered trucks might not recognize the name, but for those who live the lifted lifestyle, Road Armor is known as being among the best.

We were given a full tour of the Road Armor facilities, which included checking out some of their newest products firsthand, as well as seeing exactly what’s involved in creating some of the heaviest-duty truck stuff on the planet! To say that we were impressed by the meticulous nature of the manufacturing processes would be an understatement!

The company was founded in 2000, when the idea to start producing multi-faceted bumpers that could work as well as they looked was first conceived. Several iterations later, the company and its bumpers have become a standard among off-roaders. And eventually, the company became so well-known for its quality and indestructibility that many of its products have found their way onto United States military and allied forces vehicles. How’s that for an endorsement?

With easy bolt-on installation and tons of options and accessories to choose from, every Road Armor bumper can be as unique as you wanna make it!

Also consider that all Road Armor bumpers are made in the USA and backed by the company’s lifetime guarantee, and you can see why so many people have chosen its metal masterpieces over the years. For more information regarding Road Armor, visit

We can’t say enough nice things about the crew here at Road Armor. They gave us a tour around their facility and went over all the advancements since day one.

A fresh batch of Vaquero Series bumpers await their turn at powder-coating.

First thing we smell walking into the Road Armor production facility was the easily identifiable scent of melting welding wire. Does that smell make anyone else hungry like it does to me?

Tons of bumpers and accessories move through Road Armor’s doors on a daily basis, destined for its distributors, and eventually retailers, worldwide.

“Intimidator” couldn’t be a more perfect name for Road Armor’s battle-ready, overbuilt tubular steel enhanced bumper setups.

The first step to any great product is a great design. Road Armor designs all their bumpers in-house by talented engineers and designers.

Next comes the various stages of production including CNC machining and manual grinding to make each set of bumpers perfect.

Once complete, each set of Road Armor bumpers are inspected thoroughly for any flaws or imperfections before shipping.

Testing and research for new truck designs are all done in-house.

These bumpers are packaged extremely well and moved with a forklift due to the weight.

This 2016 Chevy 2500 HD is about to get a new set of American Made steel bumpers from Road Armor.

With the help of Premier Truck Center in Ocala, Florida, a simple removal of the factory bumper allows room for the supplied Road Armor brackets to be bolted up before the new bumpers can be installed.

The new Road Armor bumpers look great on this 2016 Silverado HD. Imagine getting rear-ended by this bad boy. Also if you run out of cab room you now have a few more spots for the kids to sit on long road trips! Obviously we’re joking here haha.

Repeating the process on the back was cake-work for Mike and his team at Premier Truck Center.

The final touch to any great install. Stay tuned as we get ready to light up the road by filling the gaps with LED lighting.

The final product looks great. Once the lights are installed and a new set of wheels and tires are bolted up, this Chevy 2500HD will be a great daily driver hauler for any classic truck toy tower.

Premier Truck Center builds some beautiful trucks and now they have a new customer for life.