What is your definition of the perfect OBS truck show?
The atmosphere? The amazing people you’re with for the weekend? Maybe you’re there for the custom vehicles, food, and vendors slinging your favorite automotive merchandise. Whether you like them fast, low, or lifted to the sky, the Battle in Bama pushes the envelope on what to expect from a car show. An epic backdrop of the USS Alabama Battleship standing proud with a field of tanks, guns, and airplanes truly gives attendees an unmatched real Americana experience.

For 2022 we had pretty high expectations. Before we even made it through the gate, we quickly noticed the Battle in Bama crew showing off their experience points as they got the vehicle flow of spectator, show entry, and battleship attendees running like clockwork. Getting a positive vibe and overall awesome feedback from each and every staff member really shows how a well-organized event should go.

Right off the bat, you walk into the event seeing the VIP parking row. These iconic mini-trucks in full show presentation on stands with mirrors showing off their undercarriage really brings us back. Setting the tone for the show as you begin to make your rounds, not too far down the concrete path there lies a tough decision: Take a left down the LMC Truck-sponsored Million Dollar row or hang a right and see fat tires and blowers. Taking that first left, there’s a sea of C10s, literally a line running farther than you could see. Having to stop and really take it all in, the Chevys and GMCs stood proud. Then stumbling onto the OBS Takeover row presented by C/K Syndicate, the next generation of Chevy trucks began to unfold. With parking on point and amazing rides on deck, this quickly became the go-to spot for spectators to soak in the Battle in Bama experience.

Friday night, the crew simply sets themselves a level above the rest with Tacos on the Battleship. You read that correctly: The USS Alabama Hosts over 700 showgoers for a taco buffet right on deck. It’s by far the most talked about event before and during the show. The line leading up to the battleship before the festivities had even begun was impressive, though the most sought-after tickets at the show were the Saturday night afterparty at the Spanish Fort container park. Bringing back the feel of early 2000s cruise nights and blowing up bigger than any of us expected, there were completely packed parking lots, an inflatable movie screen, and spectators lined up down the streets watching killer rides rolling in. It was most definitely a sight to see—and an experience only found at Battle in Bama.

LMC Truck set up showing our fellow enthusiasts what they have to offer, along with Poppy’s Patina, Drop Em wear clothing, and more amazing vendors. Auto Metal Direct showcased new products to rope you into their booth, and one of the most memorable had to be the Maximum Overdrive semitruck with the Green Goblin on the nose.

BNB is an event that you just can’t miss. From the size, quality, quantity, and overall experience, you simply will not find another event quite like it. So, sit tight, turn the pages, and enjoy this real print coverage. The crew is already planning their 2023 show with even more surprises to get you locked into the Battle in Bama experience.