The world of electronics as a whole is an exciting place to geek out, but it has one inevitable downfall—important equipment often becomes obsolete. In the particular segment of mobile electronics, things tend to move a bit slower as the absolute need to replace these products isn’t as urgent as, say, upgrading to a brand-new iPhone or Android device that is used for just about every aspect in your life.

When you zoom in even closer on the landscape of specialized mobile electronics, the dividing line blurs between items considered to be strictly for fun or mostly functional. Certain products, such as AccuAir’s e-Level air suspension management system, has become a mainstay with show vehicles as well as daily-driven customized cars and trucks.

1986 Chevy Blazer

The development of the new e-Level+ ECU and TouchPad upgrade kit was project that AccuAir designed to be obsolete-proof, which is a very welcoming feature to see on the consumer end. The new ECU features complete plug-and-play installation. It utilizes the same wiring and plugs as previous AccuAir ECU models, including the R9 computer that this particular 1986 Chevy Blazer was previously equipped with. While the Blazer’s existing air suspension system was working properly as-is, it was simply a no-brainer to make an upgrade of this importance that not only promotes superior function, but will also maintain relevance for years to come.

The ability to wirelessly update the e-Level+ ECU’s software eliminates the need to swap out the unit every couple of years whenever a new one is released, which is huge! The new ECU also allows a cell phone to act as a long-range controller thanks to a downloadable app. It also boasts automatic calibration to the existing air-ride system. Helpful programmable height settings as well as height indication with the use of e+ Height are also features to better the driving experience. A new e-Level TouchPad is available as well to add to this upgrade package to increase the system’s overall function and enjoyment.

AccuAir e-Level+ ECU and TouchPad

To get this AccuAir e-Level+ ECU and TouchPad upgrade in full swing, the ’86 Blazer was taken to Crown Suspension in Brea, California, where Erik “Wolf” Rodriguez made quick work of the easy plug-and-play installation process. In less than a couple of hours, the Blazer had a highly updated air suspension system without having to make a significant investment in equipment or labor.

Follow along to see how you can upgrade your vehicle’s AccuAir air-ride setup to the latest model.

AccuAir’s e+ Connect kit

Next Generation Air Suspension Control” is here in the form of AccuAir’s new e+ Connect kit upgrade package that consists of a new ECU and TouchPad units.

The highly anticipated e-Level+ ECU from AccuAir is an upgrade in every sense of the word when compared to the previous R9 and R10 ECU units. This newly designed computer offers 5.0 Bluetooth for long-range use as well as over-the-air update ability to ensure this ECU can adapt to future software updates without having to be physically replaced anytime soon. The e-Level+ also features functions like programmable height settings (including ride-height-on-start), RGB backlighting, automatic calibration, connectivity to the e-Level app, a very helpful battery saving mode—and, best of all, boasts 100% plug-and-play installation!

The TouchPad+ upgrade offers increased ease of one-button control for systems equipped with height sensors while still enabling manual adjustability at each corner. A no-break cable allows for worry-free handheld use and increased mounting accessibility due to the magnetic frame that makes any spot in the cab an ideal mounting position with the use of standard magnetic mounts. The LED compressor status indicator light is also a great feature to assist in monitoring the system’s vitals.

To begin the upgrade process, Erik “Wolf” Rodriguez of Crown Suspension first put the Blazer on a lift and then located the position of the older AccuAir R9 e-Level ECU, which was quickly removed.

A side-by-side comparison shows the start difference in size and shape of the two ECU units. The newer e-Level+ ECU on the left is quite a bit larger in size, but it does offer the end user many more valuable functions, as well as an LED indicator light that adds adjustable RGB backlighting.

Since the e-Level+ ECU features plug-and-play connectivity with the existing AccuAir system wiring, all Wolf had to worry about was figuring out where to physically mount the new ECU.

Once the right spot was selected, Wolf then drilled the three proper holes to secure the ECU unit.

While the rear of the new ECU does have a different plug configuration than the older R9 unit that was removed, no additional wiring had to be done to ensure true plug-and-play function.

One step that couldn’t be overlooked was to properly ground the new ECU by first cleaning a spot in the metal and securing the unit’s ground terminal to one of the holes that were freshly drilled out for mounting the unit.

With the turn of the ignition, the e-Level+ ECU instantly came to life.

The next step in the swap was to patiently await the system’s automatic calibration process through the AccuAir app. Just like the screen said, the calibration took just 15 minutes or so to complete.

AccuAir’s old e-Level TouchPad model was prone to breaking at the point of connection, so for the sake of taking advantage of a full package upgrade, Wolf unplugged the controller and removed it from the equation.

Upon removing the e-Level+ TouchPad from the box, it is evident that the controller retains its tried-and-true styling and familiar button functions, with the inclusion of a connector-free, no-break cable that can better withstand everyday use. Mounting options are nearly limitless thanks to a built-in magnetic mount system, so it can be placed virtually anywhere.


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