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’99 Chevrolet S-10 Named KILLLER DIME. Lookin’ Hot by Keeping You Cool!

Eric Mosley, the owner of this cool Chevy S-10, is no stranger to being in the mini-truck scene. He’s had tons of killer rides over the five-plus years in the game before taking some time to focus on his family. During the hiatus from hanging out with truck buddies every weekend, he started his own HVAC business called Mosley Heating and Air. Being that his company is based in Florida, business is booming!

Being a true mini-trucker, Eric was not happy and wanted to take it to the next level. He went back to his vision.  

'99 Chevrolet S-10With business on track and family going well, Eric was getting anxious to get back in a mini and scrape the streets. So, he got together with his good friend Richard Edwards, and their search resulted in this ’99 S-10. With this truck already partially built, Eric drove it for a year before it was time to make it his own. He contacted Simplistic Fab in Tampa to lay down some red paint with Vince Ferraro adding some graphics. (You’re probably reading this and wondering why the pictures are of a blue truck. More on that later …)

Being a true mini-trucker, Eric was not happy and wanted to take it to the next level.

He went back to his vision. He wanted to get one thing fixed that kept bugging him. Although it was an awesome truck, he wanted to body drop it. Eric didn’t want to do a traditional body drop, so he set it up to do a stock floor body drop. A good friend of his, Tony Rispoli of Kelly Day Kustoms, got right to work on that. Ryan Spehn from Pro Fab Florida helped on the build with some custom link bars and metal brackets to bring the truck to ground level.

'99 Chevrolet S-10With the truck meeting the ground the way Eric had envisioned, he still was not done. While the truck was apart, it was time for another color change. He switched it up from red to royal blue. He wanted an extra touch to the blue on the truck, so he contacted Daniel Smith from Smithworkx to lay down some of his own style graphics on the hood. If you look at the graphics close up, Daniel did an amazing job!

Next on the list was to focus on the power. Eric decided to yank out the factory 2.2-liter engine to make room for a small-block Chevy LS engine. All this started happening about a week after this photoshoot, so some of the pics still have his old engine, which is actually great for memories! Ryan Spehn from Pro Fab Florida did the engine swap, and it made all the difference. All in all, looking at the end product, Eric has a Killer Dime!



Eric Mosley
’99 Chevrolet S-10
Tampa, Florida


  • 2.2L
  • Custom Cavi intake swap by Ryan Spehn


  • Stock floor body drop by Toni Rispoli
  • Shaved cowl
  • Roll pan
  • Shaved antenna
  • Blue with graphics on the hood
  • Paint by Uncle Freddy
  • Graphics by Daniel Smith at Smithworkx

Chassis and suspension

  • Accuair provided by Hornblasters
  • Air-ride adjustable bags in the front
  • Four-link rear
  • Custom link bars and brackets
  • Work by Ryan Spehn at Pro Fab of Florida
  • Wheels
  • 20-inch Bonspeed Clutch wheels


  • Blacked out interior done by Richard Edwards

Special thanks to my wife Nicole, my kids Mea, Gage and Barrett, and my club Relaxed Atmosphere Florida.