So Many Fords … 230 to be Exact

Early May means one thing for the city of Gainesville, Texas: The Texoma F-100 Roundup put on by Allen “The Sheriff” Davis. With the spring weather in check, trucks began to show up at dawn to claim their space in Farmers’ Market area. Spots filled quickly, and so trucks then overflowed to the beautiful downtown streets. 

This year, 2022, marked the Roundup’s seventh show, and attendance has grown annually. Even with a recent move from Leonard Park to the downtown area, the show’s new site already seems to be too small. More than 230 Ford trucks showed up—too many for the space—and so staff had to turn down nearly 30 entries.

Texas trucks weren’t the only entries. Competitors from Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, and Arizona showed as well. Along with many individual entries, a good representation of truck clubs and groups appeared, too, including DFW Bump Club, Las Foringas Truck Club, DFW Lightning Club, Farm Truck Racing, and F100 World.

The beauty of this show is that it’s specific to Ford trucks—a HUGE variety of them. Walking the event, you’ll see everything from factory fresh stock restorations to Patina’d trucks on aftermarket chassis laying rockers on concrete to diesel swaps and much more. Not only that, but you can expect to see Fords from dang near the beginning of time all the way to late model F-150s.

Complementing the truck show are local restaurants and stores, not to mention the popup vendors and the goodies they have to offer.

Closing in on the end of the day, it was time for the awards show. The top pick went to none other than Mike Reed’s 1972 F-100 (F-100 Builder’s Guide, Issue 16, Spring 2022), and the top club pick went to the Las Foringas Truck Club. In addition to all the great trucks and their owners, the spectators showed up in full force with nearly 3,000 enthusiasts walking the show.

We would like to thank Allen and his staff for putting on such a great show and look forward to the 8th annual F-100 Roundup in 2023.