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An all truck Pro-Touring shootout on an autocross track presented by LMC Truck? Sign us up! 

Street Trucks magazine will officially be covering the first annual LMC Truck – Pro-Touring Truck Shootout at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Aug. 8-9, 2020. This event is the world’s first true Pro-Touring truck competition where the top three American truck brands—including Chevy, Ford and Dodge—will be battling it out. Trust us: We will be there to cover this event, and maybe even compete!

Arnie Gonzalez from OBS Chevy Racing is also challenging all truck frame manufacturers to build the ultimate truck chassis. The chassis must first lay frame in the Trique Manufacturing Truck Corral, compete and win first place in any of the four available autocross classes, and finally complete the American Powertrain Drivability Cruise. The competition will have three individual segments to it: a Truck-Only Autocross, the BellTech Speed-n-Stop Challenge and American Powertrain Drivability cruise. Each truck will eventually cross the No Limit Engineering Finish Line.

For all the truck owners who don’t feel the need to race their trucks, theTrique Manufacturing Truck Corral section will be open to show trucks of all kinds. Also, Vendor Alley will be a designated area for manufacturers to show off their latest and greatest new products. 

Street Trucks will cover the event live on social media, so get those apps in check. Video and amazing images will follow in print after the event. If you have the chance to make it, we look forward to seeing you at this first annual LMC Pro-Touring Truck Shootout! Sign Up Now At This Link!

Schedule Of Events

Some of the Truck Registered to Compete

Arnie Gonzalez built this truck himself and can’t wait to compete in August.

Rob and Brandy Phillips with PCHRods are bringing their Chevy C10R.

No Limit Engineering plans to take the win with this well-built Chevy truck.

Keep an eye on this Ford! Frank Watson built a monster and he wants to win!

The Rusty Goat is an exciting Dodge you should pay attention to! This custom paint shop crew plans to look good as they cross the finish line.

Justin from Scott’s Hot Rods has some big plans for this event. Check out what he’s bringing!

Tyler Gibson’s homebuilt, low-budget ’72 Scout II was built for street driving, autocross and track days. It uses an S-10 frame, a 350c.i. small block, G-Force T5 transmission and a Ford 8.80-inch axle.

This clean Squarebody truck will be driven by Bill Holt and he is ready, already!

Brad Smith is a previous GM tech who is competing at this event in his LS7 powered GMC Sonoma with help from companies like Late Model Throttle, UMI Performance and Viking Performance

Available Awards

Chassis Challenge Award

Because the best truck chassis manufacturers in the world have been invited to the Pro-Touring Truck Shootout, event organizers have designed an award system that lets the public know which trucks in the autocross were on which brand of chassis they used in the competition. The top three aftermarket frames in each class will be recognized.

Ultimate Truck Chassis Award

In the search for the ultimate truck chassis that can do everything, the Pro-Touring Truck Shootout will give manufacturers and the public the chance to build the ultimate truck chassis. The requirements of this chassis are to be able to lay frame in the Truck Corral, get first place in any of the Autocross classes, and finally be able to complete the Drivability Cruise. If you think you can build this truck, try your luck for the Ultimate Truck Chassis Award! 

Show and Shine Awards

You don’t want to race, but you do want to get your truck involved? Bring it out to compete in a show and shine against a ton of other amazing trucks! The Pro-Touring Truck Shootout’s Truck Corral Ticket includes a premium parking space at the NCM Motorsports Park in the corral, access to Vendor Alley, an invitation to the Drivability Cruise and one meal ticket for Saturday night at NCM. 

Official Competing Classes

Pro-Outlaw Class

Run-what-you-brung style of truck. Unlimited treadwear rated tires. Kumho tires allowed in this class. Unlimited horsepower. Aftermarket stock replacement frame allowed. Home-built chassis allowed after tech inspection approval. Full cage and/or harness bar allowed. Unlimited Aero package. Weight restriction: 3,000-pound minimum. Five-point harness and helmet required for this class. Height-adjustable suspension allowed. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD trucks.

T-1 Class

This class is for seasoned autocross racers. Minimum of 200 treadwear rated tires. Stock frame with unlimited suspension modifications allowed. Aftermarket stock replacement frame allowed. Use of aftermarket IFS and rear suspension kits on the OE rails allowed. Sixty percent of OE rail must remain (by the length of OE chassis). Dropmember, step-notch, coilovers, and custom builds allowed. Firewall set back allowed. Height adjustable suspension allowed. Motor swap allowed. Horsepower max of 700 allowed. Weight restriction for all trucks 3,200 pounds minimum in this class. Home-built frame allowed in this class after tech inspection approval. In-cab cage and harness bar allowed. Full cage connected to frame rails allowed. Aero allowed. OE wheelbase required. Four-point harness and helmet required for this class. Kumho tires not allowed in this class. This class is for 2WD and 4WD trucks.

T-2 Class

Minimum of 200 treadwear rated tires. Stock frame with stock front cross member allowed. Can have a C-notch or raised rear frame section. OE front cross member can be raised. Must use OE front suspension geometry mounting points. Coilovers allowed. Airbags, shockwaves and height-adjustable suspension allowed. Custom-built suspension components that are based on OE geometry allowed. No firewall mods allowed in this class. In-cab cage and harness bar allowed. No full cage as a chassis stiffener allowed (this bumps you to T-1 class). Motor swaps allowed. Horsepower max of 450 allowed.  Weight requirements for all trucks in this class is 3,400 pounds minimum. No Aero in this class allowed. No home-built frames allowed in this class. Kumho tires not allowed in this class. This class is for 2WD and 4WD trucks.

N-1 Class

This class is for first-time auto-crossers. Minimum of 200 treadwear rated tires. Stock frame, stock motor. Horsepower max of 350 allowed. Headers, intake and exhaust allowed; minimal suspension modifications. Examples: Dropped spindles, springs, C-notch, flip kit, and I-beams. All components must use original OE geometry mounting holes. Swapped gears and brakes that bolt on the OE mounting points allowed. Minimum of factory seatbelt required. No cages in this class, harness bar allowed. Weight restriction: All trucks 3400 pounds minimum in this class. No Aero in this class allowed. Kumho tires not allowed in this class. This class is for both 2WD and 4WD trucks. 


All trucks in the Autocross and the Speed-n-Stop Challenge must have a manufacturer’s VIN number and be street legal. All trucks competing in this event will be driven by the owner and operator of the truck. All trucks must be owned by the driver for a minimum of 120 days. No dual driving at this event. No hired guns or pro-driver substitutes allowed. Tires can be exchanged in all classes if the truck has catastrophic failure and safety issues arise.

Because one of the challenges is the Drivability Cruise, the Pro-Outlaw class will be able to exchange their tires for DOT tires. All trucks competing in the Autocross and Speed-n-Stop Challenge must participate in the Drivability Cruise; if the truck is not able to make the Drivability Cruise it will be disqualified from the competition.

Speed-N-Stop Challenge

Participants will begin at the starting gate, turn around a cone and return to the gate, where the truck must come to a complete stop. The driver who completes the challenge in the shortest amount of time is the winner in that truck’s respective class.

Tech Inspections

All trucks participating in the Autocross and the Speed-n-Stop Challenge must go through technical inspection. Tech inspectors will have the final say on whether your truck is allowed to compete in these events. Tech inspectors and time officials have the right to place your truck in a different class to ensure honest competition.

Horsepower documentation is based on the honesty of owner/operator due to no Dyno at the track. Weight calculations based on the honesty of owner/operator, but the top three in each class will be weighed. If the tech department asks a question about the truck and you give them false information, a move in class or a penalty will be applied. Kumho tires are prohibited in T-1, T-2 and N-1 classes, but are allowed in Pro-Outlaw class.

Current Vendors:
No Limit Engineering
Scott’s Hot Rod’s N Customs
Level 7
Greening Auto
GSI Machine and Fab
GC Fans
PCH Rods
Auburn Gear
Hub City Speed

Current Sponsors:
Street Trucks Magazine
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Pro-Touring Truck Shootout
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