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Budget Builds Done Right

Magazine truck projects are a tricky thing. We’ve all heard the saying “the shoemaker’s daughter goes barefoot”—especially in the custom automotive world where we’ve all gone “without” at times to help take care of our customer, reader, etc. Well, editors are NO different. You see, we spend a ton of time in the field, behind the keyboard, traveling, and doing whatever it takes to bring YOU the unique and cool trucks that we have a knack for hunting down. In this case, the coolest F-100s across the globe.

We will continue to push forward and burn the candle at both ends to ensure that this beauty doesn’t end up as one of those forgotten about or abandoned projects…

But this sometimes leaves us short on time—and money—to move forward with our own magazine project builds. But have no fear! We vow to turn Project True Blue into a true cruiser, and to do it all right here in your new favorite mag. We will continue to push forward and burn the candle at both ends to ensure that this beauty doesn’t end up as one of those forgotten about or abandoned projects that so many of us have experienced over the years. We will prevail!

To keep tabs on us, we will give you an update in EVERY issue, no matter how big or how small the progress has been. This will keep us motivated, as well as hopefully keep you guys motivated to push forward with your own neglected projects. As most saw in Issue 4, we kicked off Project True Blue—our 1963 Ford F-100 Unibody build. We didn’t make much progress since last issue, but here’s where we currently sit.

Trying to keep to a tight budget, Solomon went ahead and stripped down the Crown Vic to sell off the unused parts on different classified pages and groups. Selling the hood, bumper, lights, doors, etc., will help recoup some of the initial investment that went into the donor CV. This definitely will help keep things moving forward in the right direction. Slow and steady wins the race!

Making the most of our budget, we quickly stripped the Crown Vic to sell off all of the unneeded parts to use that extra cash for some more F-100 goodies!

One of the most tedious tasks on the Crown Vic swap is dealing with the wiring harness. Luckily, we’ve found a few specialty companies out there that can help dial in that mess for you. We spoke with Brian at Mi-Ty Motorsports who deals specifically in shortening up factory wiring harnesses. They do it all and can shorten or lengthen, De-Pin, flashing the computer so that there is no more anti-theft, or clearing out any other modules you are not running. Brian has it down to a science, so we’ll be visiting a tech article soon on how to clean up this harness for a full swap into Project True Blue. All we need to do is remove the factory wiring harness in its entirety and ship it to him with a detailed list of what we plan on keeping intact and they take care of the rest. Pretty cool deal, so we’ll show you that process in the next issue. Stay tuned as we have plenty more in store for this killer Uni!