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High Quality C-10 Parts At Low, Budget Prices

Not every exciting parts purchase for your C-10 has to put a major strain on your wallet. To prove this, we’ve set a modest budget of $300 and set off in a search to see just how many desirable products could be had at that very doable price point. Not to our surprise, a ton of impressive parts from dependable manufacturers is out there that have been designed to greatly improve every facet of your Chevy pickup project for only three bills.

Think about it—how far can $300 take you out in the world? Unfortunately, it doesn’t stretch as much as it used to, but it is still a decent amount to invest into your ride. That money can be spent on quality parts that will drastically change the looks and performance of your beloved truck for as long as you own it. That’s a tremendous value, especially if you’re building it to drive as often as possible.

To see just how much bang you can get for your $300 bucks, read on and see for yourself. From bolt-on accessories, restoration replacement parts, suspension components and performance goods, we’ll help get your money’s worth with whatever you’re in the market for.


Lokar Throttle and Kickdown Cable Mounting Bracket for FiTech EFI

MSRP: $89.95

The new stainless steel bracket allows for a clean and simple integration between Lokar’s throttle and kickdown cables and FiTech’s EFI systems. The brackets are available in polished or black finishes and come with all mounting hardware and return springs. Each bracket is manufactured in the USA with a lifetime warranty.

Optima Yellow Top Battery

MSRP: $270.99

Don’t sit there and think to yourself,  “a battery is a battery,” because if you still have that mentality, you’ve clearly never owned an Optima battery. Even if you don’t have crazy audio accessories or an air ride system, an Optima Yellow Top will deliver reliable cranking power performance that you won’t have to worry about for a long time since they last about three times longer than basic batteries. If you do have crazy audio accessories and/or an air ride system, a Yellow Top will prove to be especially valuable since its deep-cycle capability allows impressively consistent power output while recharging faster than any other battery you’ve experienced before.

Flex-A-Lite Transmission Cooler

MSRP: $170

Flex-A-Lite’s performance transmission coolers feature all-aluminum construction to deliver maximum strength at a minimum weight. The transmission coolers have been optimized for typical oil viscosities to provide a level of efficiency that results in better cooling without significantly decreasing oil pressure. Whether you’re racing or towing with your C-10, Flex-A-Lite’s transmission cooler will provide class-leading cooling in the toughest environments.

Billet Specialties Streamline LS Cast Valve Covers

MSRP: $299.95

Streamline the appearance of your LS engine with Billet Specialties’ Streamline LS valve covers. These covers feature a precision-machined billet aluminum trim strip that complements a matching Streamline series air cleaner. The covers are available in satin black powdercoat finish or a ready-to-finish option that has a bead blasted surface that is pre-prepped for custom powdercoat or paint.

CPP Midnight Series Booster Kits

MSRP: Starting at $299

CPP’s Midnight Series booster combo kits include a vacuum-booster in black-coated finish available in 7-, 8-, 9-, and 11-inch single and dual diaphragm sizes. An aluminum Corvette-style master cylinder with a black lid and bails and a black anodize GM-style proportioning valve with all the mounting brackets and hardware needed for install are also included.

Wilwood ProMatrix Disc Brake Pads

MSRP: Starting at $62.96/pair

Many consumers may only think of Wilwood as being producers of larger, big brake kits. Actually, Wilwood covers all areas of braking, and their ProMatrix performance disc brake pads are original equipment replacements of whatever type of factory caliper or brake conversion your classic truck happens to be equipped with. These pads offer rotor-friendly friction material that creates little dust, and are quiet on the street. The dual-sport performance street and track compound make the ProMatrix ready for performance driving as well as everyday commuting as well.

GC Cooling Smart Fan

MSRP: $125

Compatible with any GC Cooling fan or available as an all-in-one system, the Smart Fan is an easily installed, integrated fan controller for high performance applications. Standard cooling fans have basic on/off function, but GC’s Smart Fan will automatically turn on at 150 degrees Fahrenheit at 50 percent speed, and increases to 100 percent at 200 degrees, which helps in reducing both fan noise and current draw. The airflow process starts sooner to help keep engine bay temperatures substantially lower, and the Smart Fan requires no programing to optimize its potential. Designed to fit ALL C-10 models from ’67-’87, let this fan increase your truck’s performance on the street and strip.

GSI Optima Battery Box Tray

MSRP: $59.99

Fabricated of 11-gauge A1008 mild steel, GSI Fabrication’s Optima battery box tray is engineered for a lighter-weight build with tremendous strength. This box tray is a universal mount design and can make relocating a battery or adding one to your truck’s air ride setup quick, easy and attractive.

All American Billet Heater Hose Kit

MSRP: $223

Cold fall and winter days are ahead of us, so get your truck’s heater up to snuff with the help of All American Billet’s heater hose kit. This package comes complete with braided hosing and all required fittings, which are constructed of stainless steel. Keep warm and boost the looks of your truck’s engine compartment.


Aldan American TrueLine Series Adjustable Shocks

Price: Starting at $149.95

Designed to fit ’63-’87 C-10 pickup models, Aldan American’s latest adjustable shocks for stock and lowered height applications are fully tunable for an improved ride. These shocks feature 11 positions of rebound adjustment for a more consistent and smoother feel. Use them with factory or aftermarket springs or airbags, and if you’re building a truly custom suspension setup, shock relocation kits are also available. To serve you and your truck better, Aldan has made these shocks to be completely rebuildable and serviceable for a lifetime of use.

Evolve by AVS ’67-’72 C-10 Notch

MSRP: $239.99

Give your truck up to 11 inches of clearance with the Evolve by AVS notch that is perfect for laying your C-10 out on large diameter wheels. The notch is constructed from 0.188-inch-thick 2×4 rectangular tubing, and all components have been laser cut for unbeatable accuracy and consistency. The seams are beveled and professionally welded for ultimate strength and eye-pleasing aesthetics.

Crown Suspension ’63-’72 C-10 Exhaust Cut Out

MSRP: $75

There’s no need to grab a welder to run your exhaust through the factory trailing arm crossmember. With Crown Suspension’s exhaust cut out, all you need to do is make your hole and bolt these reinforcement brackets in—that’s it! All necessary hardware is included, making it even easier to get to work and get the job handled.

Viair 444C Dual Performance Value Pack

MSRP: $249.95

Air compressors are vital in an air ride system. They are the workhorses that deliver the ability to pick your truck from up from off the ground on command. Now, as important as air compressors are, purchasing ultra competent components doesn’t have to leave you broke. Viair’s 444C performance value pack features two compressors that feature a newly developed head assembly with a patent-pending intercooler head, and is capable of a maximum 200 PSI with a 100 percent duty cycle. Each compressor in the kit is equipped with a stainless steel braided leader hose with an inline check valve.

MaxTrac Suspension ’73-’87 C-10 2.5-inch Lowering Spindles

MSRP: $262.75

MaxTrac’s 2.5-inch C-10 drop spindles are designed to be direct bolt-on lowering components, and do not require any cutting or modification of your truck. The one-piece ductile steel spindles exceed OEM quality, maintain alignment and promote a ride quality comparable to factory. These spindles are available for 1-, and 1.25-inch rotor applications.

Slam Specialties MC.2 Manual Controller

MSRP: $289.95

THE MC.2 CONTROLLER features a few key features that are
unique in the market when it comes to air ride systems. The
controller is the first to feature integrated valve, and controller
positioning mapping, which eliminates the need to rewire your
system making it a genuine plug and play installation when paired
with Slam Specialties’ SV-8C manifold. The MC.2 also features
a handheld lock out feature, 12 presets for LED back lighting, a
new watertight receiver, self-dimming illumination, and Slam’s
own Coil Saver Technology. The billet bezel is oered in black and
gunmetal anodize options, as well as a polished zinc finish.

Belltech Rear Shackle & Hanger Lowering Kit

MSRP: $273

Designed to drop your ’73-’87 C-10 truck 4 inches in the rear, Belltech’s shackle and hanger kits help get the exact stance you’re after while maintaining factory ride quality. There really are no tricks in the installation process, as everything bolts straightforwardly. Belltech has been a leader in the aftermarket suspension game for decades, so rest assured that these lowering components will serve your truck for as long as you own it.

RideTech ’67-’70 Steering Kit

MSRP: $180

When you’re upgrading the major suspension components on your truck, take the time to recognize that there are other important chassis parts that need some love, too. RideTech’s steering kit includes new tie rod ends and adjusters, Idler arms, drag links and Pitman arms—all of which are built to OE specs for ideal fitment and great performance. Your truck’s suspension components wear out over time, so make it a point to swap them out with fresh new parts when possible. The price is right, and these steering kits are available for other C-10 year models as well.

Slam Specialties SS-F Series Air Springs

MSRP: Starting at $105/each

If you’re planning to go for air ride on your C-10, you’re going to need air bags, and Slam Specialties’ SS-F line takes installation to the next level of easy. Slam has integrated a 3/8-inch D.O.T. push-connect fitting into the bag’s end plate, which eliminates the need to purchase additional fittings. This means that installation is now easier and lighter on the wallet than ever before. SS-F bags are 200 psi rated, and are available in 5-, 6-, 7- and 8-inch sizes.

AccuAir VX2 Solenoid Valve

MSRP: $275

The difference between AccuAir’s VX and the VU solenoid valve series is that the new VX units feature a sleeker appearance, hidden wiring harnesses, a smaller overall package design, built-in flow control adjustments and fully filtered and field serviceable 3/8-inch D.O.T. push-to-connect fittings. The internals of the VX valves promote maximum flow rate, better sealing and AccuAir guarantees operation up to 200 PSI for millions of cycles. The VX2 unit comes in under our $300 budget, and will work for those only looking to bag the front or rear of their truck. The VX4 four-valve unit is priced just a bit higher at $515 just in case you find a few extra bucks hiding between your couch cushions.


AVS Shaved Door Kit ’73-’87 GM Pickups

MSRP: $250

This kit installs onto the factory door by simply removing the factory latch, bolting on the AVS bracket/motor assembly onto the door latch and reattaching it. Yep, that’s all it takes. The kit also features a completely pre-wired relay and wiring, and an eight-channel remote/receiver system to assist with a simple installation. Interior handle rods are replaced with cables supplied in the kit, so the door handles work just like factory.

Eddie Motorsports ’73-’86 C-10 Door handles

MSRP: Starting at $300

Builders who want to upgrade simple components like door handles (instead of simply replacing them with OE-style pieces) will love Eddie Motorsports’ handles for all C-10 model trucks. These one-piece units are machined from solid chunks of 6061-T6 billet aluminum, and are direct replacements of the factory metal parts. These handles are available in five different styles for you to choose from: original smooth, ball milled (shown), lightning, diamond hatch cut or accent. A variety of finish options are also available, making these handles highly unique.

Steele Rubber Push-On Style Door Seal ’67-’72 C-10

MRSP: $84.70/pair

Made of premium quality, OEM grade, ozone resistant materials, Steele Rubber’s weatherstrip is designed to withstand the elements as ideal replacements for your truck’s old, worn out door seals. This kit is a push-on style door seal, which means there is no need for gluing. The door seal mounts on the pinchweld of the body and fits the left and right sides precisely. Need other seals for your project? Look no further than Steele Rubber.

Clayton Machine Works C-10 Gauge Bezels

MSRP: $195

These direct-fit instrument bezels for ’67-’72 series GM pickups, Blazers and Suburban models blend classic factory design and modern styling in one single package. Available in three different styles (carbon fiber look, brushed aluminum look and pinstriped), they can be used with stock gauges or any direct-fit aftermarket gauges that you might have installed. Get a high-quality “one-off” look with ease.

Scott’s Hot Rods ’63-’72 C-10 Cowl Filler Panel

MSRP: Starting at $149

Give your truck a uniquely smooth appearance with Scott’s Hot Rods’ cowl filler panel. It maintains the factory windshield wipers and the correct OEM shape, but will give your C-10 a look that it just a little more trick than factory. The cowl is manufactured in the USA from 16-gauge sheetmetal, and comes with a limited lifetime manufacturer’s warranty.

Eddie Motorsports 15-inch Steering Wheels

MSRP: Starting at $205

To give your truck’s interior a completely customized look and feel, Eddie Motorsports’ newest line of steering wheels offer six unique styles that can each be further styled with a variety of half wrap and finish options. Each steering wheel can be ordered in either black, gray, tan or red wraps, and finish options that include raw machined, highly polished, or one of Eddie Motorsports’ Fusioncoat colors. GM adapters and horn buttons are also available and sold separately.

AutomotiveTouchup Paint

MSRP: Prices starting at $12.95

Utilizing a three-step system consisting of a sandable primer, your truck’s paint color and a glossy clear coat, AutomotiveTouchup’s product offerings allow C-10 owners to do more of their own paintwork. Using your truck’s OEM paint code, AutomotiveTouchup custom mixes the paint color, and makes paint available in half-ounce and 2-ounce bottles, touchup paint pens, aerosol spray cans and ready-to-spray pints, quarts and gallons for larger jobs. Match the factory color of your truck without even making a trip to the paint shop!

LMC Truck ’81-’87 Tailgate Band

MSRP: $299.95

Looking to replace the band on your tailgate or add one to a tailgate that didn’t have a band before? Look no further than LMC Truck’s exclusive tailgate band for ’81-’87 C-10 pickups. This product is an exact reproduction of the original part and LMC’s package includes all mounting hardware to make the transformation happen.

Mar-K Chevrolet Script Tailgate

MSRP: Starting At $187

Mar-K’s tailgates are proudly made in Oklahoma City, USA, and feature such a great attention to detail in the use of correct steel gate thickness, OE style welded construction and accurate bends and dimensions that result in a tailgate that fits correctly and looks just like a factory piece. Mar-K offers these tailgates with Chevrolet and GMC scripts, as well as Bowtie embossing and louvered options that are also made by Mar-K, which all qualify as official GM Restoration Parts. Other options include handles and hidden latches, as well as a new push button tailgate that could add that extra function to your project.

Performance Online Stealth Tailgate Latches

MSRP: $59.99

Designed for ’47-’87 Chevy stepside pickups, the Stealth latches allow for the elimination of those sometimes annoying tailgate chains. These hidden latches utilize a slotted tubular channel to guide a spring loaded locking pin. The latches mount inside the upper tailgate bar and hide away completely out of sight except for a stylish billet knob. The Stealth latches are available in zinc coated or stainless steel finishes, and are sold in pairs.

RetroRadio Hermosa Radio ’67-’72 C-10

MSRP: $299

Upgrade your classic truck with a modern accessory with true vintage inspiration. The RetroSound Hermosa RetroRadio offerings combine the looks of an older radio design with today’s standard functions, including AM/FM tuner, built-in Bluetooth, rear mounted USB port, dual RCA pre-outs for external amps, and two auxiliary inputs for portable devices. If cleaning up the dash is what you desire, the Hermosa radio body can be mounted remotely using the optional extension cable so it can be stashed in the dash or under a seat.