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Dakota Digital

Silverfox | ’84 GMC High Sierra

EVERYONE TOLD HER THE truck was coming back—she had even followed the build on Facebook—but seeing the GMC roll to a stop in front of her home was enough to...

Second Chance | 1968 Ford F-100

THERE’S SOMETHING special about your first ride. Whether it happened to be awesome or not is a different story, but every time we see a truck rolling down the s...

MONICA! 1975 GMC short/wide bed 4×4

She’s Not Perfect, but She’ll Do Anything LIKE MOST OF US, JACK MARTIN HAS HAD A LOVE FOR TRUCKS AS FAR BACK AS HE CAN REMEMBER. While growing up in Colorado, ...

Pro Sub | ’64 Chevy Suburban

Fun For the Whole Family! As the owner of Pro Performance, Travis Dulgerian deals with a lot of awesome rides on a daily basis. Because of this, his standard...