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Dermie found two of these trucks as donor trucks. The first is a bit of a rust bucket out of Missouri, the second he found in Phoenix after he sold hid 48 Chevy at Barrett Jackson. We featured that one on the cover of Street Trucks. He just couldn’t of found a better truck, no rust!

That’s a 5 1/2″ chop so far. If. You look at the model it looks like the earlier body style, split window but the body lines lean more towards the 55 COE.

Dermie stretched the running boards so he can stretch the doors, which he has to build almost from scratch.


“I had to have help from a friend of mine to get in and out of that truck, the seats a little rickety but it felt decent”

Dermie found this picture of a seat on Pinterest and saved it. “So I’m getting ready to start building it and I’ll take pictures step by step as I go”

“That’s the home-built Heaven winner award jacket that Good Guys gave me when I won it on my green 48”

“Here I’m working on a piece of stainless for the back of the base of the seat. My buddy Cedric shoots these pictures for me while I’m working”

When he finishes the back section he will move to the other seat so they are even. “I don’t want to finish one then it feels like in starting all over on the second one.”

Dermie has started doing the final riveting on the first seat

This is where the seatbelts will travel through brass rivets to hold the pieces together

Bolting the sheetmetal to the back temporarily next I’ll rivet them in with brass rivets

Dermie riveted the back on the second seat the dimple died all those holes you see in the first one.

Here he is welding in the stainless steel quarter inch rods for the mesh bottom





Dermie built a Fitech throttle body to mock up

Dermie bought these retro LS to small block Chevrolet valve covers from Holly, they were a lot more affordable, but he felt that they were still pretty visible so he cut out half inch all the way around to drop the valve cover down even lower. He had to weld up the inside to add some more bulk, now they’re a lot less visible and with a few more little tricks they’ll be hardly noticeable

Engine and transmission are mocked up in the frame now I’m going to attack the firewall next


Test fitting the engine, after that the front end comes off and he will start building a new firewall and new floor .