VIDEO: How To Replace Vent Window Weatherstrips!

Danny shows you step by step how to replace your vent window weatherstrips. His clear explanation of this process will ensure that even the most inexperienced diy-er can do this project at home in an afternoon. These particular weatherstrips are going on a 1950 Pontiac Chieftain but this method can be used for any vent window.

Products Used: 3M Adhesive Cleaner:…
Steele Scraper/Tuck Tool:…
Parts Used (specific to a 1953 Pontiac Cheiftain Convertible) Vent Window Weatherstrip Kit…
Rigid Run Channel- Upper:…
Rigid Run Channel- Lower:…

Tools Needed:
Flathead screwdrivers
Needle nose pliers
Adjustable wrench
Shop Rags
Pop rivets
Rivet Gun

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