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An Icon that Stood the Test of Time

An original creation of Dustin Haven, Suicidal Toy graced the cover of Mini Truckin magazine in December 2002. Dustin purchased it as a stock ’90 Toyota for $4,000 and transformed it into what you still see today.

Beginning with the suspension, Dustin added Chassis Tech drop spindles and a Pete and Jakes chrome four-link. Adjustability was achieved by Viair compressors, 2,500-pound and 2,600-pound airbags and 4-inch body drop. Rounding out the suspension is a set of 18×7 Foose Monterey with 215/35/18. It has a fully painted frame to match the truck’s graphics.

Under the hood remains the stock 1990 four-banger bored 40 over. Plenty of attention to detail was applied. If it’s not chrome, then it’s painted to match.

To start the body modifications, suicide doors were added. Next on the list was Trendz Phantom grille along with custom 1995 Toyota front bumper. The long list of items that were shaved from the body includes door handles, taillights, antenna, cowl, truck bed, hood pissers, mirrors and side markers. To make the truck legal, a 51-inch LED was molded in below the rear Lexan back window. After hours and hours of prep, Dustin sprayed Sherwin Williams Competition Clue with 13 shades of House of Color Finest graphics that grace the entire truck and dash.

On the inside, Dustin painted the dash and custom-built a center console, added Nordskog digital gauges and Colorado Custom flame steering wheel. Mahan Auto Upholstery added the custom zebra fur and blue vinyl to the Acura Integra seats. To help keep Dustin cool in the summer, blue tint was applied to the windows.

In less than two years, Dustin built an iconic truck that is standing the test of time.

In less than two years, Dustin built an iconic truck that is standing the test of time. Suicidal Toy is now being cared for by Ronnie Cupp. Ronnie is no stranger to the mini-truck scene. He began building trucks as a teen in the mid to late 1980s. Being into freestyle BMX as a teen, Ronnie came across Mini Truckin and other truck magazines.  If you attended shows in the ’80s and ’90s you probably remember Ronnie for his red Mazda truck with bubble graphics. Since selling his Mazda, he has owned several custom vehicles, from a dropped Astro Van to Honda Civics.

“After seeing Suicidal Toy for sale, I couldn’t get it out of my head,” Ronnie says. “If I didn’t buy it, I was afraid Suicidal Toy would wind up getting destroyed.”

Big thanks go to Ronnie for saving an icon. Ronnie wants to recognize Dustin Haven for building, along with Chad Walkup, Jose Arellano Sr, Wesley Cone and Tony Eldie for owning and preserving Suicidal Toy.