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Cummins Powered 1966 F-100 | 66 Smoke

Cummins- Powered Madness

THE TERM “HOT-RODDING” GETS thrown around quite a bit these days. Imported cars made to drive sideways, BMWs with extra big wheels and modern muscle hot off the assembly line—they all like to claim the character of “hot rod.” There might be small aspects about each of these examples that can bring a hot rod to mind. But without a doubt, you know a hot rod when you see one (or hear one in this case) and you know a hot rod when you don’t. Take one quick look at the Kilburn Kustoms’ 1966 F-100, and you know that Glenn Cutts has put together one beast of a hot rod. The Kilburn Kustoms’ F-100 is an amalgamation of factory original parts, aftermarket goods and Frankenstein modifications. The original frame remains in place but has been notched in the rear to accommodate the lowered stance. The front of the frame is heavily modified using an independent front suspension from a Police Interceptor P71 (Ford Crown Vic) to help replace the original Twin I Beam configuration. Air-assisted front and rear shocks further lower the modified suspension.

The modestly lowered ride height is accentuated by the F-100’s aggressive wheels. Kilburn selected a set of 20-inch R959’s from Ruff Wheels. The splitsix spokes are finished in satin black for a menacing contrast with the exterior patina. The wheels are squared and matched with 245/35/20 tires from NITTO.

The real moneymaker of Glenn’s ’66 patiently lurks underneath the hood. Glenn spent some time debating what modern drivetrain to adapt to his Ford and finally settled on 5.9L Cummins turbo diesel motor, and we certainly can’t fault him for that. The Cummins ISB is a straight-six motor capable of around 600 ft-lbs of torque. Glenn grafted his Cummins turbo diesel from a 1999 Dodge Ram. Its application in the 1966 F-100 gives the Ford more gumption than it was ever intended to have. The result is an entirely new driving experience, making Glenn’s truck a one-of-akind beast—or hot rod.

The ’66 Cummins swapped Ford bears a number of minor exterior modifications to finish of the budget friendly build. The modifications serve to complement the rugged aesthetic throughout. A tastefully augmented patina stretches over the whole body and the faded blue and white shows distress marks of body and paint repair. Both the front and rear bumpers have been repainted satin black to help accent the wheels. The center section of the original “Twin I-Beam” fender badge, has been replaced with a redlettered Cummins badge. If this subtle detail doesn’t let road-goers know of the beast beneath the hood, the protruding “smokestack” style exhaust will. The exhaust exits directly through a hood cutout. This feature helps immediately validate the license plate, “66 SMOKE.”

The Ford’s interior follows much the same direction as the exterior. It’s left relatively stock with its distressed patina. Two primary mods, however, aid the rugged custom look. A pair of badass Bomber seats from Iron Ace Hot Rods provide driver “comfort” and a killer look. The raw metal and bold welds perfectly suit the truck’s ratty style. Glenn also built a custom dash to match the seats.

It’s no secret that we think classic trucks turned “hot rod” are pretty much THE BEST, and this fine specimen truly hits the nail on the head.

Glenn describes his truck as having been a “dream build” and the ’66 F-100’s spirit remains but has been highly altered by its unique modifications. The lowered stance, big wheels, exterior details, and (most importantly) Cummins turbo-diesel, all lend themselves to the ruggedness of the truck. It’s a special build that accomplishes quite a bit without losing itself in the chaos. It is builds like Glenn’s that truly keep the spirit of hot rodding alive! F100


1966 Ford F-100
Frost Proof,

• Rear frame notch
• Crown Victoria IFS
• Air-assisted shocks

• 5.9L Cummins IL
• Custom exhaust with smoke stack hood exit

• Ruff Wheels 20” R959 Wheels
• Nitto 245/35/20 tires

• Natural blue patina
• Bumpers painted satin black
• Custom hood exit
• Custom Cummins badge

• Custom dash
• Iron Aces Hot Rods bomber seats