Chevy C10 Longbed

1967 LS Swapped C10 LONGBED

Different IS Cool

 Growing up surrounded by the sights and sounds of his Father’s body shop, Waylon Krumrie of Chickamauga, Georgia, was immersed in the custom truck world at an early age. His love for custom C10 trucks continued as he stepped foot into the sales field of the classic automotive aftermarket world. Waylon was the sales manager at TMI Products Inc. for many years, so he has seen his fair share of custom trucks. However, this build would be different from the other shop trucks. This would be his build, his truck, his way.

Chevrolet C10

When asking Waylon why he built this 1967 Chevrolet C10, he says, “Well, to be honest, I had no plans on building this truck at all. I bought it to simply cruise around Georgia country roads with the occasional trip to the lumber yard.”

When he purchased the C10 it was in rough shape. The rust had just about done this truck in, but Waylon saw potential. He knew it would be a lot of work, but his love for building trucks would keep him motivated.

Starting with the exterior, Waylon had to get a lot of sheetmetal to fix the rust spots on the truck. He called up Chris Slee at Kiwi Classics and Customs in Franklin, Tennessee, to help bring this truck back to life. Chris and his crew replaced most of the sheetmetal across the entire truck with all new Classic Industries metal. Once that was complete, they swapped out the stock grille with one from Classic Industries along with front and rear bumpers. He widened the rear bed tubs to allow for larger tires and upgraded the headlights to United Pacific LB housings.

Waylon started brainstorming ideas for the rest of the build. He knew he “wanted to ride the fine line between stock and custom for the exterior of the truck. If it was going to be custom, it was going to be very subtle.”

Waylon had a few tricks up his sleeve for the hood. Chris Slee was able to bring his ideas to life. Keeping with his theme for the truck, they came up with the idea to graft in a set of hood louvers from a 1967 Chevelle SS. Chris immediately got to work and knocked it out of the park.

2009 Chevy 5.3L swap

“I thought the most unique feature about my truck was going to be the interior, hands down,” he says. “But, the custom hood gets a ton of attention whenever the truck is at a show or posted online.”

A set of GSI Fabrication door handles were then installed to freshen up the hardware. Once the body of the truck was in perfect shape, it was time for paint. Waylon wanted the truck to really pop, so he chose a Matrix Automotive Finishes version of Lamborghini Cali Orange and Frost White. As the truck rolled out of the paint booth, Waylon knew he had made the right decision.

US Mags wheels on a Chevy C10

When he got the truck back from paint, the pressure was on to finish the build. It was only a few short weeks before the truck was to debut at SEMA. Luckily, Waylon was able to keep the stock LWB frame for the chassis modification.

“Bill Tumas from CJ Pony Parts came down with good friend Nate Hartsock to help me remove a lot of the original suspension components and install the C-notch properly,” Waylon says.

Once the original parts had been removed, they began installing a Ridetech C-notch.

Longbed C10

Jeremy Hart lent a hand in installing the suspension parts. He installed 2.5-inch CPP drop spindles, upper and lower StrongArms, and a full rear StrongArm system. Once those were on, he also installed a set of Ridetech HQ Series coilovers in the front and rear. Waylon was able to keep the stock steering box but upgraded to a CPP tilt steering column. He then added a Ridetech Muscle Bar stabilizer to really beef up the suspension. Waylon upgraded the fuel tank to a CPP tank as well. If you look closely, one thing really sets this truck apart: It is still the original 6-lug. Subtle, but eye catching—just what Waylon wanted. He installed a set of 20-inch US Mags Templar wheels wrapped in Continental Extreme Contact Sport tires on the C10.

“This was the first set of 6-lug/6-spoke Templars that US Mags had ever made,” Waylon says.

He had spent countless days and nights in the garage working on the truck to make it to SEMA.

“Thanks to my wife, Brittni, and kids for their patience in understanding that dad had to spend all weekends and evenings down in the garage,” Waylon says.

Their support kept him motivated to meet his deadline. One thing that Waylon did not want to change about the truck was the longbed.

As for the interior, well, this would be Waylon’s specialty. He was able to showcase TMI’s new truck interior product line in this C10. He began by tearing out the original interior. He installed TMI’s black cut pile carpet to start fresh. The original seats were removed to make room for TMI’s Pro Classic Bench Seat. The seat was wrapped in distressed green vinyl with green and white plaid cloth inserts. He was even able to add a removable center console. The door panels and console were then wrapped to match the seats. The distressed green really pops against the bright orange painted dash!

Moving on with the interior, Waylon installed the RestoMod air in-vent system for those hot Georgia summers!

Jeremy Rice of Tre5 Customs jumped in to help with the Painless wiring harness. All new Dakota Digital HDX series gauges were mounted in the dash to really bring together the interior. The old worn-out pedals were thrown out to make room for new Clayton Machine pedals. Waylon also installed a TMI Sport dash pad and steering wheel in the matching vinyl to finish off the dash.

CPP Tilt steering column and TMI Pro Classic Bench seat

Now that the build was moving along quickly, Waylon moved on to the engine. He had big plans for this ol’ C10. Jeremy Hart from Holley came down from Michigan to bring him the Chevy 5.3 LS V-8 that would be installed in the truck.

“Luckily, I went with the LS swap kit from CPP which made life a whole lot easier,” Waylon says.

The engine would, of course, receive a few upgrades before being installed. He completed a whole top end kit from Trick Flow along with heads and camshaft. They swapped the original intake manifold for a Holley Cathedral Port intake. He installed Fitech Retro LS system fuel injectors and Thorley mid length headers. They ripped out the existing exhaust and installed a full Flowmaster Exhaust with Series 10 mufflers. They routed the exhaust to exit on the side right behind the wheel. It is all of the small little details that really make this truck stand out in the crowd. Waylon installed  the All American Billet Serpentine kit, overflow reservoirs, and hood hinges on the truck. With the larger motor mounted under the hood, Waylon decided to upgrade the transmission to a brand new B&M 4L80E. The transmission lined up perfectly under the C10 as they bolted everything up. He also had a custom aluminum driveshaft built specifically for this build. Currently the rear axle is stock but “upgrading to a Currie is top on the list” says Waylon.

Custom ornage LS swapped Chevy C10

Before getting the truck back on the ground, he installed the CPP 14-inch 6-piston drilled-and-slotted Big Brake kit on the front and rear. Under the hood, he added the CPP Street Beast Hydro Stop System for ultimate braking power. A huge thank you goes out to Jim Burkhart of Rivermont Garage in Hixson, Tennessee. “Jim helped me install the glass and some of the ‘plumbing’ under the hood – no glass shops around would step to install the glass with the chrome trim.” Just another one of the difficult tasks Waylon encountered during the build. Although he was able to solve most of the issues himself, he ended up taking the truck to the talented crew at Kenwood Rod shop to solve some issues and make the truck 100% roadworthy.

As the C10 truck was almost finished, Waylon added the final touches by placing the logos on the truck bed. There is one special logo that stands out for Waylon.

“If you look at the logos of all the companies in the truck bed, you’ll notice in the bottom center, there’s a made up company called SHORTSTACK—that is my nickname for my wife,” Waylon says.

He was finally able to stand back and enjoy the truck that he had built.

Custom interior on a Chevy c10

“Huge thanks to my younger brother as he spent 3 sleepless nights at my house before the truck left for SEMA helping me button up the final details.” To this day, Waylon loves getting the truck out and cruising the backroads of Georgia. “I also had Tim Rogers of Inked Expressions in Eastridge, Tennessee do a killer half sleeve tattoo of  my wife and the truck – she free handed all the red paint in the badges. I had snapped a photo of it and Tim brought it to life in the tattoo.” After 8 long months of hard work, Waylon set off to SEMA to debut the masterpiece he was ‘able’ to create.



Waylon Krumrie
1967 Chevrolet C10 Longbed
Chickamauga, Georgia


  • CPP disc brakes
  • CPP Street beast hydrostop
  • CPP 2.5-inch drop spindles
  • Ridetech C-notch
  • Ridetech HQ Coilovers
  • Ridetech strongarms


  • 20×8-inch and 20×10-inch US Mag Templars wrapped in Continental 275/40/20s (kept truck 6-lug)


  • 2009 Chevy 5.3L swap
  • B&M 4L80e
  • LS Swap kit from CPP
  • Trickflow heads and top end
  • Edelbrock intake
  • Fitech EFI
  • Thorley Headers
  • Custom aluminum driveshaft
  • Flowmaster exhuast w/ Series 10 mufflers
  • All American Billet serpentine kit, overflow reservoirs, and hood hinges
  • United Pacific Air Cleaner
  • Champion radiator
  • Lokar dip sticks and accessories


  • Classic Industries grille
  • Classic Industries bumpers
  • United Pacific replacement lights
  • Widened rear tubs
  • Matrix Lambo Cali Orange & Frost white paint
  • Paint by Kiwi Classic & Customs


  • CPP Tilt steering column
  • Full TMI Interior
  • TMI Pro Classic Bench seat with distressed vinyl and white plaid
  • Dakota Digital HDX gauges


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