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Driver Announcements

You’ve been asking and we’ve been waiting,  but now its time! We will start listing all 80 drivers competing in this year’s first annual LMC Truck Pro Touring Shootout at NCM Motorsports Park, Aug 8-9 in Bowling Green KY. Each week we will anounce 10 more drivers. Spots of the truck show are still available. Contact us for more info!


Derek Parker | T1 | 1990 Chevy OBS

Jeff Shavers | T2 | 1994 Chevy Cheyenne

Kevin Phillips | T1 | 1991 Chevy S10

Scot McMillan Jr | Outlaw | 1968 Ford F100

Mike Kegley | Outlaw | 1995 Chevy C1500

Ben Warren | N1 | 1991 Chevy C1500

Justin Padfield | TBD

Matt Kenner | T1 | 1969 Chevy C10

Reed Robinson | T1 | 1971 Ford F100


  1. Sean Kelly | T1 Class | 1967 Chevy C10

  2. Danny Illich | T2 Class| 1991 Chevy C1500

  3. Trey Faulk | T1 Class | 1990 Chevy C1500

  4. Frank Watson | T1 Class | 1968 Ford F100

  5. Brandon Carter | N1 Class | 1972 Dodge D100

  6. Isabella Fields | N1 Class | 1997 Ford F350

  7. Jim Fields | T2 Class | 1973 Chevy C10

  8. Duke Roddy | Outlaw Class | 1965 Chevy C10

  9. Danny Cartwright | T2 Class | 1968 Chevy C10

  10. Luke Fields | T1 Class | 1989 Chevy C10 Blazer


  1. Brandon Baughman | N1 Class | 1995 Chevy C1500

  2. Brad Smith | T1 Class | 1997 GMC Sonoma

  3. Chris Bedsworth | T1 Class | 1972 Chevy C10

  4. Brandy Phillips | T1 Class | 1972 Chevy C10R

  5. Josh Wojciechowski | T1 Class | 1969 Ford F100

  6. Olof Olsslon | T1 Class | 1989 Chevy Silverado

  7. Bradly Yates | T1 Class | 1971 Chevy C10

  8. Jimmy Shaw | T2 Class | 1970 GMC C-10

  9. Jeff Dunlap | T1 Class | 1971 Dodge D100

About the event

Street Trucks magazine will officially be covering the first annual LMC Truck – Pro-Touring Truck Shootout and Truck Show and Shine event at the NCM Motorsports Park in Bowling Green, Kentucky, on Aug. 8-9, 2020. This event is the world’s first true Pro-Touring truck competition where the top three American truck brands—including Chevy, Ford and Dodge—will be battling it out.

Arnie Gonzalez from OBS Chevy Racing is also challenging all truck frame manufacturers to build the ultimate truck chassis. The chassis must first lay frame in the Trique Mfg Truck Show Corral, compete and win first place in any of the four available autocross classes, and finally complete the American Powertrain Drivability Cruise. The competition will have three individual segments to it: the Eddie Motorsports Truck-Only Autocross, the Belltech Sport Trucks Speed-n-Stop Challenge and American Powertrain Drivability cruise. Each truck will eventually cross the No Limit Engineering Finish Line.

We will be streaming the event live for FREE on youtube and Facebook live. This won’t be your standard “random guy with a cell phone on the side of the track” feed, we’ll have multiple camera operators and sophisticated equipment to seamlessly transition from camera to camera offering a more enjoyable viewing experience including overlays and commentators.