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John Mata Jr.

STREAMLINED CHEVY | Super Sleek ’67 C10

For some builders, crazy and over the top just isn’t their style. Some choose smooth and simple styling due to a preference in overall clean aesthetics, while o...

BUILT TO ROLL | ’14 Chevy Silverado

This Silverado Ain’t Hitching Ride Here’s a familiar scenario: A guy buys a brand new truck with the intentions to only mildly customize it to make it more his...

DIY or Die | Homebuilt ’54 Chevy

A Hands-on Approach to Building a Classic Chevy Truck What types of custom cars and trucks do you think auto mechanics usually end up building? Well, from the ...

Second Chance | Jacob’s 1998 Chevy S-10

Building Much More Than Just a Show Truck There's nothing more exciting for a young man than his first vehicle especially if it looks anywhere near as cool as ...