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Superchip’s iHawk Phone-Based Monitoring and Gauge System

Years ago, when NASA had its eye on the moon, computers were used to crunch the numbers and keep watch on the missions. These computers were so large they filled entire buildings and teams of scientists were deployed just to program them to play solitaire. Nowadays, even the most basic smartphones have more computing power than the giants from the ‘60s. The same can be said for modern vehicles relying more and more on computers to not only control the engine, braking and other functions, but to read every aspect of how your vehicle is running, not just the basic gauges. All of this can be accessed and now, thanks to the folks at Superchips, it’s all available on your phone!

Monitoring and Gauge SystemMonitoring and Gauge Systemsmall iHawkLinq moduleThis is the small iHawkLinq module from Superchips. It plugs into and is powered via the OBDII port on 2007-newer vehicles and those with CAN ports.


The new iHawk from Superchips is an OBDII wireless Bluetooth Linq module that works in conjunction with your iOS device to act not only as a gauge monitoring system but as a portable dyno, code scanner, data logger, drag strip, notification center and more. Once you plug in the iHawk, download the free app and link it up, you can start selecting parameters to monitor by way of analog or digital gauge readouts. One of the best aspects of viewing from your phone is the easy manipulation of different gauges. You caneven swipe through various screens to showcase all of the important information you need.


App Store on your iPhone

The first step once the iHawk is plugged in is to download the Superchips SC iHawk from the App Store on your iPhone, iPod Touch or iPad.

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The app offers many screen options to showcase several gauges in both analog and digital readouts that will monitor and display more than 100 parameters from speed to temperatures, boost, horsepower, oil and fuel pressure and more.

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You can setup multiple screens to easily swipe through for a variety of layouts.

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Since the system allows you to actively view and monitor every aspect via the OBDII port, it could easily be used for a custom gauge setup where traditional gauges aren’t even used. The kit comes with a windshield mount, but with some ingenuity, you could always custom mount your iOS device to not only run your music and movies but your entire monitoring system.The system is run via Bluetooth and can be mounted anywhere.


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You can also record your truck’s activity with a simple button on each screen.This feature is useful for viewing when testing new components or on the racetrack. You can also setup alerts to notify you of any failures or possible dangers.

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A few items need to be input to help determine horsepower, including size and weight of the vehicle, to help calculate the readings.

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You can also scan and clear DTC codes using the iHawk and your phone.

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Acceleration, braking and time tests can also be performed.


You can also use your iPhone’s accelerometer and GPS to test brakes and speed. Just input a few of your truck’s weight parameters and it will calculate torque and horsepower! The system works on most 2007-newer and a few select older vehicles.





Text and Photos by Jason Mulligan


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