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New Products For Your Project

Compiled by Chris Hamilton

Check out all these great new products designed specifically for trucks! We cover Custom, classic and OEM, Need a product? This is where to look. Have a product? Send some pics and info to our editor and we will get back to you right away.

Adjustable C-10 Coil-Over Suspensions

Classic Performance Products’ (CPP) complete front and rear coil-over conversion kits for 1963-87 Chevy trucks are fully ride height adjustable from standard height to a 3-inch drop. This allows a full 5 ½ -inch drop when combined with CPP modular drop spindles. The rear coil-over kit offers a full 5 inches of ride height adjustment (stock to 5-inch drop) and is specifically designed to work with CPP’s rear C-notch kits.

Classic Performance Products Inc.

Just a Theory!

American Force has released a brand-new wheel design for 2018. The Special Force series features higher levels of detail and machining, giving the wheels a complex look that you can appreciate from near or far. These eye-catching designs are complemented by their signature satin black and machined finish, which is the standard finish for the Special Force series; gloss black plus machined is available upon request.

American Force Wheels

Truck Tent Camping

Napier Sportz offers a variety of exclusive features with its truck tent that set it apart from traditional camping shelters. A fully enclosed tent floor eliminates the need to clean the dirty truck bed, and an access panel to the truck’s interior provides storage. Napier Sportz’s truck tents inspire passion for camping and the outdoors by providing quality products to create a unique experience.

Napier Outdoors

On the Spot Repairs

Koul Tools is proud to introduce the latest addition to its line of hardline sealing tools, the Fitting Fixer. The Fitting Fixer uses an inverted cone with diamond-dust-coated lapping material to repair the conical sealing surface on 37-degree fittings. But what if the fitting is a weld-in bung? What a headache. In the past, you’d have to replace the fitting and maybe even the tank as well; now with the Fitting Fixer you can repair it. The ability to fix a leaky fitting on the spot is invaluable, making the Fitting Fixer a great asset for any professional or hobbyist who works with hardline connections. The tool repairs 3/16 to 1-inch fittings.

Koul Tools

LoadLifter for RAMs

Air Lift’s new LoadLifter 7500XL air springs, available for 2014-18 two-wheel drive and four-wheel drive RAM 2500 pickups, are massive 7-inch, double-convoluted air springs. The new springs help eliminate problems frequently faced when towing and hauling, including squat, trailer sway, body roll and bottoming out. The new springs featuring Air Lift’s exclusive upper and lower roll plates engineered to protect the air springs from sharp edges while increasing load capacity by 10%.

Air Lift Company

Kickdown Cable Mounting Bracket

Lokar introduces its new throttle and kickdown cable mounting bracket for FiTech EFI applications. This new stainless-steel bracket allows for a clean and simple integration between Lokar’s throttle and kickdown cables and FiTech’s EFI systems. The brackets are available in polished or black finishes and come with all mounting hardware and return springs. Each bracket is manufactured in the USA and comes with a lifetime warranty.
Lokar Performance

Fatman Frames

Fatman Fabrications introduces a new chassis for the 1949-64 Studebaker pickup. This new application joins forces with the 1935-87 Ford and GM frames already on the road piloted by pleased Fatman customers. Specifically designed for your application, all of the necessary body, bumper and radiator mounts are included to make installation a pleasure. You can choose engine and transmission mounts, along with a wide variety of options, such as Airride, coil-overs, power-assisted steering and brakes, four-wheel discs, stainless steel control arms and rear axles.

Fatman Fabrications

Check out all these great new products designed specifically for trucks! We cover Custom, classic and OEM