Hit the Floor

Last time we left you, our project Brass Tacks Blazer saw the finishing up of the outside sheet metal work at Status. Now it is time to tackle the intricate metal work on the inside of the roadster. The first step is the foundation, bracing the body to eliminate flex due to the cut roof. Then it is onto the rear tubs and notch cover before the entire floor is recreated.


sheet metal work

Being that it is a Blazer roadster, everything is considered interior and not a cab with a bed attached. Simply throwing some bucket seats in with a notch cover and flat floor wouldn’t cut it; not with all of the other custom metal work going on. There would be a few requirements dictating the design. First, a rear set would be needed and built to fit inbetween the tubs, this meant that the floor would nee to remain as low as possible in the front section while raising up to expose and clear the mandrel bent frame and Currie rearend. The rear section would house all of the goodies and would be built up for a flat floor with compartments for the Kinetik batteries and Pioneer sound system.


The first was to tackle the wheel tubs. Sure a set of trailer tubs could have been used or made from sheet metal but taking one look at the C-10 tubs that came factory with a nice beveled body line we looked to keep that heritage intact. While the ‘67-72 and ‘73-87 tubs look very similar, the later model tubs are much longer and were way too big for our needs even for the 22×12-inch Colorado Custom Segundo wheels wrapped in Toyo Proxes STII 305/40 tires. With some reworking, the ‘67-72 tubs would be perfect. The notch cover is both form and function providing the bracing for the custom rear seat and mounting place for the custom acrylic cover. AM Hot Rod Glass custom formed the notch cover acrylic piece based off of the measurements providing a clear vision of the rear suspension.


The rest of the custom sheet metal work will include a ’32 roadster style dash created from scratch and restyled pillars to complete the roadster look. Stay tuned.

Text by Jason Mulligan

Photos by Jason Mulligan and Courtesy of Status

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